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10 Ideas to Make Your Business Cards Really Stand Out

At the end of a hectic networking event, people often end up with a brick of generic cards. That means you need to have a business card that engages recipients and stands out from the rest. To make a memorable and impactful impression, try one of these 10 ideas to make your business cards really stand out.


1. Be creative

There are many ways to be creative with your business card. Ideas can begin with something as simple as a camera or lens-shaped cards for a photographer. Or go as big as a pop-up card or a card that can turn into a three-dimensional shape. Explore the unconventional to engage cardholders in a fun and interactive way.


2. Keep it simple

While it’s tempting to offer a plethora of information, a better approach is to keep your card clean and simple. Ask yourself what the most important information is and stick to that. If you clutter up your card with too much information, you risk confusing the cardholder and losing potential business.


3. Take stock

People tend to look for deals on business cards, seeking more cards per pack in exchange for choosing cheaper paper. However, the quality or weight of the stock used for cards has a measurable difference in how it’s perceived. Choose a quality paper stock to leave a stronger impression and better represent your brand in paper form.


4. Add texture

Most business cards are printed on standard card stock. Therefore, an easy way to stand out is to change the way your card feels in hand. Use recycled stock or an unusual material such as wood, Perspex, transparent plastics, metals, and even slate. Texture is a fantastic way to create a business card that will be kept and remembered.


5. Embellish (the right way)

An easy way to add impact to your business card is to use a unique finish. You can add extra touches and flourishes to your card with techniques like spot UV, emboss, deboss, and foil stamping. Special embellishments and finishes make your card more tactile, visually impressive, and memorable.


6. Shape it up

Laser, die, and router cutting can change the shape of your card, or leave an interesting void in or pattern on your card. When combined with creasing you can even use the process to create architectural features in your card design. These kinds of techniques can make your card memorable because it looks and feels one-of-a-kind—just like your business.


7. QR code it

QR codes are a way to add a lot of information without cluttering up your card. By adding a QR code, cardholders can scan the code and instantly access your LinkedIn profile or website. Or they can directly add you and all your information to their contacts. Either way, it is another fun and interactive way to engage potential clients.


8. Call them out

Put a call to action on your card, but in an entertaining and innovative way. Don’t just ask the cardholder to connect with you for business. Add in that they can also contact you if they need a recommendation for a great restaurant or book. Examples like this are a curiosity-arousing way to attract attention and be remembered.


9. Make it really different

Consider printing your card information on useful items such as pens and USB drives, instead of on a “card”. Cards can even be designed as mini-catalogues, brochures and more. This approach might seem extravagant. However, taking a different and inventive approach to your business cards is guaranteed to make yours stand out from the crowd.


10. Make it relevant

Utilising aspects of your business to create your card makes it feel more authentic and approachable. For example, if your company deals with international travel, print information in multiple languages. One yoga studio even used foldable foam to create a mini yoga mat as their business card. These approaches speak immediately about who you are and what you do.

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