At Little Big Design, we craft intelligent designs to deliver on your business objectives and create an exceptional experience. We are proudly part of the GJI group.

As a group, our collective capabilities span communication, design, printing, recruitment and interior design. We collaborate strategically, to give our brands a powerful combination of services and support.

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As a school, you want your brand to set you apart and to reflect your quality education, mission, and values. To avoid getting lost in the clutter, effective school branding ensures that your school’s values are successfully communicated to the students, teachers & prospective parents.

We know how to create a compelling image that represents your heart and soul. We work with you to create and combine all of your brand assets into a unique and memorable brand identity. Our experience is within the education market — understanding what factors influence a parent’s decision to choose a particular school. We work with your school to ensure your marketing reflects the precise positioning for your target market, whilst being true to your values.

Brand Audits & Workshops

We believe your school’s brand is the foundation on which the institute stands. A comprehensive audit of your school brand will be conducted to get fundamental understanding of where your brand stands in its current state. We will marry audit insight  with market research to identify your strengths and areas that require a little LBD magic and determine the strongest course of creative action.


Following an in depth brand audit, we will host a workshop with your team to discuss and answer the all-important questions: Who we are, What we do and Why we do it? We will have your staff, external stake holders and students singing the same tune which will echo through your community.

Brand Identity Design

Just as your personal identity makes you unique, your brand identity is what sets you apart from everyone else. We create distinct tangible collateral so you are always putting your best foot forward.

Visual Style Guides

Starting from the ground up, we get to the crux of your brand and design a publication that communicates the why behind your brand identity to ensure that your message both internal and external is clear and consistent.

Marketing Collateral

We work with your school to create compelling marketing collateral which encapsulates your brand, values and mission. All collateral pieces created by Little Big Design are created in collaboration with your school. We understand who you are, what your objectives are and how we can develop messaging which insights action.

Logo & Crest Design

Our talented team of designers can create a new school logo or crest or take an existing school logo or crest and give it new life.

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