At Little Big Design, we craft intelligent designs to deliver on your business objectives and create an exceptional experience. We are proudly part of the GJI group.

As a group, our collective capabilities span communication, design, printing, recruitment and interior design. We collaborate strategically, to give our brands a powerful combination of services and support.

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Parents read a prospectus to help them make an informed decision about which school to send their child. Your prospectus needs to be compelling in nature and reflect the quality education of your school.

We know how to create a compelling image that represents your heart and soul. We work with you to create and combine all of your brand assets into a unique and memorable brand identity. Our experience is within the education market — understanding what factors influence a parent’s decision to choose a particular school. We work with your school to ensure your marketing reflects the precise positioning for your target market, whilst being true to your values.

Understanding Your School

Unique design which showcases your school’s brand, value and purpose.

Articulating Your Message

Clearly articulating your school’s key message.

School Leaders

Personalising the document, by showcasing your key school leaders.

All Hallows Strategic Plan
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