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At Little Big Design, we are very proud to have a passionate team of in-house designers who can work with you to create your school yearbook. The process is simple and ensures that you receive a high-quality yearbook.

While students live in a fast-paced, ever-evolving digital world, they still appreciate the old-school permanence of a book. A decade or so ago, predictions of the hardbound book’s demise seemed valid but by the time today’s school children are older, technology will have evolved yet again. Who knows if the digital options they have today will even be available then? Think about laser disks and Betamax! Or better yet, think about the constant changes with your phone charger! A hardback book isn’t limited by these changes. The fact is that digital yearbooks have a poor uptake and a poor longevity. Less than 5% of schools that we deal with have indicated any sort of interest in this format and we believe that a hard copy book strongly deserves to retain its place as the best format for a yearbook.

28 Years of Experience

We have a professional design and publication team who work together to create you a yearbook to be proud of. Because we design, print and box onsite, we are also able to guarantee a high quality product.

Binding Options

Binding options include:

  • saddle stitched
  • perfect bound
  • square bound

Special Finishes

We offer the following optional design finishes:

  • UV spot finish
  • foiling
  • embossing/debossing
  • die-cut covers
  • matte or glossy cello-glaze cover
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