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Top 10 Innovative Packaging Concepts

Have you ever wondered why you initially purchase a specific brand? Yes, you may have needed shampoo and conditioner, but did you need that particular variety? The one with the sleek, expensive looking bottles? Probably not, but you bought them anyway because they made you feel extravagant. It may very well be the same product as those found in the discount bin, but you didn’t even give them a second glance. Creative packaging can make or break your product—and striking design can deliver outstanding results.

1. Simplicity

Sometimes simplicity is key. The concept behind a minimalist design is to highlight the most important features of a product. In a fast-paced world, where customers make decisions in the moment, a bold and minimalistic package design can make all the difference.

voss clear glass waterbottle

2. Build a Narrative

Packaging is not just about the creative use of colour or detail. It is also about shared stories, emotions, and unity. One of the most fun packaging design trends revolves around the art of story-telling through illustrations, which convey a message connecting consumers to your product.

Rhino coffee packaging

3. Alternative Materials

There are many sturdy materials such as balsa, wood, or bamboo to consider for packaging. Strong resources like these allow for printing styles such as 3D printing, laser cutting or wood burning. Alternative materials offer a distinctive experience for consumers that gives them a sense of luxury and extravagance.

wooden USB box

4. Unique Printing Techniques

For paper packed products unique printing techniques are also an essential part of the creative process. There are several printing techniques to be considered including flexography, digital printing, and spot gloss or matt.

self tan can branding

5. Texturing

Consumers tend to pick up products off the shelf and hold them, so appeal to their sense of touch. Textured packaging adds more physical enticement to products and can provide customers with a hint of what’s inside, creating a sense of anticipation.

textured beer bottle

6. Bold Repetitive Patterns and Designs

The repetition of visual motifs can assist with transmitting a brands message, especially when the pattern has significant meaning for the company. Pattern repetition may sound simple, but it does require a careful eye to create a dynamic design.

Burger and chips bright packaging

7. Speciality Packaging & Custom Structures

Speciality packaging is about experimenting with elegant and functional designs as well as mixing it up with special coatings and layers. Products and branding can be significantly elevated by the subtle aesthetics of custom packaging.

Packaging bag with collar and tie

8. Get Back to Basics

Ensure your design complements the product inside. Analyse what your product stands for, and emulate that with your packaging. If you have a quality product, don’t feel the need to surround it with shiny and obnoxious wrappings if it doesn’t need it.

Eleven shampoo bottle design

9. Think About the Experience

Consider how consumers will interact with your product. The simple act of layering the package adds a luxury aspect and makes it easier for purchasers to rationalise spending the few extra dollars for the experience. If your product is something you believe to be gift-worthy, then display it that way.

SOMM wine packaging

10. Stylise

Don’t feel you need to make your illustrations or graphics entirely realistic. If you can stylise your imagery and use it as a textural element, then you should. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate your shapes, colours, and illustrations wherever you can.

H&M shirt box packaging

Packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is what ultimately sells a product. It draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way. Even though customer loyalty is determined mainly by the quality of a product, the packaging is what provides the first impression. Furthermore, the experience of unboxing a product provides consumers with an opportunity to connect with a product and brand on a deeper level. The packaging can be functional, purposeful, entertaining, or just outright bizarre, but the more creative and inspiring your packaging, the more likely your product is to sell.

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