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Why is User Generated Content Important for your Business?

As the name suggests, user-generated content (UGC) is content provided by customers and clients to your social media pages and website. Content originates in many forms, such as reviews, hashtags and photo’s, and serves to lift engagement, strengthen consumer trust, and drive sales. While it might seem unusual for customers to provide a business with positive publicity. If social media has taught us anything, it is that people love to have their say.



Why Harness User-Generated Content?

The users of your brand create the content anyway, so why not make the most of it? In fact, if you’re not curating it and showcasing your customers, you’re missing out on brand equity. People share more now than ever before, and they look to their peers, family, and friends for validation and recommendations. By harnessing and showcasing their stories, businesses can connect with customers in a more authentic and personalised way.


Benefits of User-Generated Content

Creating exciting and innovative forms of UGC for your online audience has many benefits for your business. Most apparent is the content itself, but there are many more reasons to consider utilising UGC, such as:


A better understanding of target audience:

UGC can help you understand what goods and services consumers are looking for. Moreover, it can let you know what issues they come across as they progress through their consumer experience.

More site engagement:

UGC allows you to develop and enhance your relationship with consumers as they engage with your site.

Increased time on site:

Creating opportunities for consumers to express themselves and their thoughts on a given subject or product typically increases the amount of time they spend in a branded environment.

SEO benefits:

More content means more search engine indexing and more search visibility around target key phrases and concepts that are meaningful to your business.

Trustworthy content:

People trust those they follow on social media. Since there is no payment to consumers for their promotions, this adds to the credibility of their content.

Free promotion:

Consumer interaction is a great promotional tool for companies. A great example of this is a popular fitness model on Instagram consuming a brands protein drink.


Most people only promote products or services that are relevant to them and their followers.


People are often influenced to purchase based on what someone else tells them about.


Approximately 35 percent of people find UGC more memorable than any other form of media.



Making User-Generated Content Work for You

Executing a UGC campaign on social media or your website is an excellent strategy to strengthen your brand and build customer relationships. Strategies that encourage user-generated content include:

Create a custom hashtag or photo contest on Instagram
Ask a question or create a challenge on Twitter or Facebook
Launch a video contest


While user-generated content is a cost-effective approach, it isn’t as easy to control as content that you produce in-house. Therefore, before you launch a UGC campaign, make sure your brand is strong, and your users love what you’re doing. To be successful, you’ll need a communication, marketing, or social media manager who can keep users happy, engaged, and share high-quality content. Look for a team member or agency that can come up with creative UGC ideas and keep content on-point.

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